Bodyweight, Bands and Other Training

Bodyweight Training

There are lots of good home workouts online. Bodyweight workouts can be great to get started or in addition to other work.

In any full body workout, you want to include:

  • Squat
  • Hinge
  • Lunge
  • Press
  • Pull
  • Core
  • Sprint

Following is a good starter bodyweight workout.


A number of athletes have told me that they have been out jogging a lot. It is far more important that you go out and sprint! Your aerobic capacity will stick around for quite a while, your sprinting power and speed will not. Go sprint! You can use stairs and hills as well. One key here is that you should do a lot of your sprinting with full rest between efforts – roughly 5 minutes. If you don’t, it because conditioning, which can be helpful, but not what we are looking for here.

But for athletes and others, bodyweight likely just isn’t enough, especially if you are home-bound for a while. A full home gym is great, but requires space and money. Here are two different types of workouts. The first requires just bands (Amazon for $40 for a full set). The second requires a sled of some sort (you can make one out of a free tire and about $5 worth of supplies – see how to make a drag sled)


  1. Zercher split squat, rear foot elevated split squat or step up – Zercher just means that you hold the bands in the crook of your elbows, hitting the biceps and upper back
  2. Push ups (regressed on an elevated surface, progressed by using a band
  3. Single leg, single row hinge and row
  4. Broad Jumps
  5. Forward/backward lunge
  6. Lateral Lunge

The first three are really all you need as they will hit the basic movements – squat, hinge, upper press, upper pull. The next three add power, loaded forward movement and lateral movement.


You can find lots other sled training variations on the Sled Training page.