Classes and Pricing

Middlebury Classes: Middlebury Recreation Center (outside), Creek Road

  • 8:30-9 AM Tuesday, Friday
  • 5:30-6 PM Monday,  Thursday

Burlington Classes: Site TBD

  • First Class Free
  • Classes are 30 minutes long
  • Drop-in: $10
  • 10 Card Punch: $90
  • Send us an email if you plan on coming (until we get our calendar sign-up)


6 Week Sled Training Programming – Basic

This package includes the basic training, video demonstration, nutritional guidelines, a guide to the best sleds, a way to build your own sleds (in 20 minutes with $20), our warm up series, and 6 weeks of training, including new exercises every week.



Individualized Online Coaching

1-1 Online Coaching Monthly Fee – Initial – Includes video assessment, coaching calls, individualized program



Sled Training and Certification

Learn how to add sleds to your programming. This is for Colleges without a full time strength coach, High School Programs and for CrossFit Gyms that want to add this training to their programming and training. We can also do a mix of Olympic Lifting and Sled Training.











Topher is an athlete and coach. He was a Division I Varsity Athlete and continues to compete as a Track Sprint Cyclist and in weightlifting.

He has been a ski coach (since 1991), a weightlifting coach (since 2005), a cycling coach, and a college strength and conditioning coach for Division I and Division III athletes including multiple national champions.

He has a passion for training and all that it can do for mind, body, and soul.