May is “Just Sleds” Month

So I am running an experiment this month in just using sleds. I have had excellent results using sleds with a variety of athletes and teams. And I have said in the past that if I could only use one “tool” it would be a sled, so I thought I would put that to the test.

So this month I am using “just sleds”. There are fundamental movement patterns that you want to train in the weightroom. These include lower body push (squat) and pull (hip-hinge, like RDL) and upper body push (press) and pull (row or pull-up for instance). The sled can hit all of these movements – and more!

The sled also has a number of benefits above and beyond basic weightlifting.

  • First, sled movements are done in a horizontal plane, the way we actually move, especially as athletes. Deadlifts are great, but it is rare that we just move up and down.
  • Sleds can be used with a belt, so that athletes with back or shoulder injuries can load the lower body and still get an excellent workout.
  • Sleds can be used indoors or out. Research has shown that training outside has unique benefits.
  • Sleds can be an inexpensive (potentially free) way to build your own “home gym”.
  • Sleds allow for maximum intensity without fear of injury. A max sled push is much less scary and dangerous than a max squat or deadlift.
  • Sleds are easy to use, have very low rates of injury, and can be used by anyone, including youth athletes and the elderly (prowler style sleds with handles are the best for the these groups).

So May is now “Just Sleds” month. I will be posting a variety of sled exercises and will report back on results.

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