Six Days of Sleds

So my next experiment revolves around frequency, hence I am doing six straight days of sled work, or at least trying, and will see how I feel.

There are several reasons for this experiment.

  • My body craves daily exercise. I get grumpy if I go too long without a good intense workout. My brain works better on days when I work out, I am happier, and generally more pleasant to be around – a win for everyone.
  • Sleds just don’t take it out of you in the same way that heavy weightlifting does (partly because of the lack of eccentric movement). So sled work can be used with higher frequency.
  • I am trying to increase my general conditioning and capacity and one way to do that is to increase frequency.
  • I am looking to drop a few pounds going into summer.
  • Most athletes are training on a daily basis, so part of this experiment is to see what effects there are using sleds on a daily basis.

Update: I am actually through day two of the “Six Days of Sleds”. Day one was a medium day and I began trying my new Sled Crawl Series. Because these were some new movements, I felt it a bit this morning, but nothing like being sore from a big lifting session.

Today was my first “heavy” day. I continued to work on the Sled Crawl Series, which I think might be the most effective workout I have ever done – and all in 3 MINUTES! And I loaded my normal movements heavy.

Unfortunately, I suffered my first injury using sleds. I have been doing my sled work barefoot and I rolled one of my toes under and possibly broke it. I am reasonably sure that the healing time will be quick…


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