Training Program for Schools

We are rolling out a new program to target the needs of schools. This is primarily aimed at smaller colleges that don’t have full-time strength coaches, as well as high school programs.

We know that all athletes need strength and conditioning programs. But without proper instruction and adequate equipment, these are missing, or worse, can be dangerous. Amazingly, many small colleges rely on online programs, like Volt. These can be good programs, but without in-person coaching, many of the exercises will inevitably be executed poorly. That can lead to injuries from the strength and conditioning program itself, the last thing we want.

We are offering in-person training for coaches and teams.

This is a 2-Part Training

  1. Weight lifting. I will teach proper technique in the basic movements, including the Olympic lifts (a specialty of mine). This will include exercises that should NOT be included, and regressions of exercises to make them easier.
  2. Sled Training. I will teach the philosophy and utilization of sled training. This is the form of training that is the safest, with the biggest rewards for athletes. The program will include the sleds themselves for schools that do not currently have any.

Most schools would be better served – as would their athletes – by replacing their entire weight rooms, including all the cardio equipment, with sleds. And they could do it at about 1/20th the cost of their gym equipment. Knowing that is unlikely to happen, we offer both parts of the training.



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