Consistency is the Key

What is the best workout???

While this has been said in many places and ways, the best workout is the one that you will continue doing. Consistency is the key.

Now, what makes for a workout that you will keep doing? In my mind, and for those that I work with, there are some good ingredients.

  • It should be give results
  • It should not make you really sore
  • It should be safe
  • It shouldn’t take a ton of expensive equipment
  • It shouldn’t take too much time

Ideally, it should also:

  • Be fun
  • Be outside
  • Be done with friends, but also alone

When I look at the list, there really aren’t too many things that really fit the bill, at least consistently. And again, consistency is key. So find the exercise that you will do regularly and stick with. And you can build from there.



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