What others are saying

“Our team has been working with Topher for 3 years. In that time – and with his help – we have transformed our strength training from an average college-level strength and conditioning program to a much more sophisticated, productive, and enjoyable program. His technical expertise and natural teaching ability allows our athletes to use more advanced lifts than our competitors and to do so safely. His plan writing and strategic periodization of our plan allows us to keep our athletes consistently moving through a plan that is varied (important to keep things fresh and fun) and challenging. Most importantly, the cumulative strength gains our team has made in this time has surpassed our goals.

As a coach, I’ve worked with Division I strength and conditioning coaches at the University of Utah and the University of Vermont. As an athlete, I worked with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the country at the US Ski Team. Topher’s broad knowledge of all things strength and condition – and his willingness to research and maintain an open mind towards those few things he might not be as familiar with – sets him apart as the rare coach who will help a program or individual athlete tailor a plan that will specifically meet the needs and goals of each unique athlete/team. There is no “one plan fits all” mentality.

Topher’s inquisitive nature and commitment to staying at the forefront of all things strength and conditioning ensures that we are steadily evolving and progressing our program. This keeps things fun, engaging, and incredibly productive for our athletes, which is vital for the 100+ strength workouts that we do per year.

Maybe Topher’s best attribute is the less tangible but very important ability to teach. It seems to come naturally to him and our athletes quickly establish a trusting and collaborative report with him.”

Head Coach, Division I ski team, two-time National Champion, two-time Olympian


“I have known and worked with Topher for the past three years of my alpine ski racing career as a trainer and workout coach. He has prepared me for elite skiing performances, one of which resulted in a NCAA Division I Championship title.

I began to work with Topher after four years working with the United States Ski Team, where I competed on the international stage as a member of the European Cup team. In this time with the US Ski Team, I trained under Olympic level physical training staff, daily. Chris’ abilities as a physical training coach compare directly to the training capabilities and experience of these Olympic level coaches.”

Division I Collegiate National Champion

“I have gotten so much stronger. I think the focus on the posterior chain and generating power has made a huge difference in my skiing. Can’t say enough about the positive changes. Some of our alums who are now skiing full time have noticed the gains we’ve been making and asking to see the plan and take ideas from it.”

Division I Nordic skier