No Lifting Follow Up Results

So I haven’t really “lifted” weights (other than loading my sled) for about six weeks now. I look and feel better than I ever have given all of the sled training, but I was concerned that my lifting numbers might be suffering. So I went to the gym to do some follow up testing.

I decided to use:

I chose these because they are lifts that I had been training before I went on my “just sleds” program. They also test a wide variety of strength. The split snatch tests power as well as technique. And I knew that the hex bar deadlift is a great indicator of overall strength and can’t really be cheated (and is relatively safe given my lack of “lifting”).


  • split snatch – Matched my best lift = bodyweight
  • hex bar deadlift  – Did 420 x 5 and 440 x 3 and they went up pretty easy
  • bench press – I hit a new PR in reps at 135
  • one-arm, one-leg row – Hit a new PR

With the deadlift and the snatch I took it a bit easy. I didn’t want to push it too much and felt good matching previous marks.

Needless to say, I have not lost any strength. I am leaner, fitter, and stronger than I was six weeks ago when I started Just Sleds. I am also not sore and don’t have any achy joints.

And this is spending 6-12 minutes working out a day!




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