All the Equipment you Need to get Fit

Here is all of the equipment that you really need to get fit…



I can teach you how to get stronger, faster, and leaner with just bodyweight.

Really, you could probably do it with just the three moves of our isometric warm-up.

  • Lunge
  • Isometric plank hold
  • Rows or pull ups

Or you could take the next step and just use resistance bands. I have designed entire programs that were extremely effective – for Varsity athletes – using just bodyweight and bands.

Or you can use weights and kettlebells and all the fancy tools. You can spend thousands on a nice home gym. But you don’t need those things. Fitness is BIG business and much of that business is predicated on selling you stuff, stuff you really don’t need.

Don’t get me wrong. There is no question that there is some really cool stuff out there that is fun and functional. And every once in a while a new tool in your arsenal can be motivating.

Take the TRX. I didn’t ever really give them much thought until I went to a class and learned how to really use them. They are awesome! You can do your entire workout – rear-leg elevated split squats (one of the best moves you can do in the gym), split squat plyometrics, one-leg RDLs, rows, push ups, incredible core work, etc. TRX straps are also great sled straps.

But you don’t need to drop $200 on TRX straps when you can make something equally good if not better for about $20 (see straps below).

IMG_4462I have also been looking for an indoor sled substitute. They make them, but they cost anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000. Thanks, I will stay outside or make my own.

Now getting fit and getting truly strong and powerful are a bit different. You could probably just use bodyweight and bands to get strong and powerful, but it wouldn’t be easy. That is where sleds come in.

IMG_3324You will need some type of sled for our programming. It can be as simple and cheap as the DIY tire sled like the one above. This one cost a couple of bucks for the bolt the strap, and in an upcoming post we will show you how to make one. Or you can drop from $100 – $300 for a really nice one, depending on what is in your budget.

So remember that the fitness industry is just that. Magazines, and businesses, need to sell you the next great product and the next great workout. But you don’t need any of it. You just need the motivation – or at least the grit – to just start moving.

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