The BEST Athletes use Sleds

And so do my 10 year-old athletes, and my 70+ year old mother…

Sleds are increasing in popularity as an amazing way to cultivate athletes. Here are just a few of the superstars that have incorporated sleds to their programs:

Michael Phelps: Most decorated Olympic athlete of all time

phelps sled


Mikaela Shiffrin: Multiple World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Alpine Skier

Shaun White: Three-time Gold Medalist in Snowboarding

white sled.PNG

Jason Stratham: ActorJason Sled.PNG

James Harrison: Football player

harrison sleds.jpg

And the great thing is that sleds can also be used to develop young athletes safely, and as my 76 year old mother knows (pulling 70% bodyweight), it can help the elderly keep or regain strength for basic functioning. She also knows the power of using sleds for more than just pushing. The backward sled pull is one of the best things you can do for knees.

Sam Sleds.png



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